Am I The Only One

Am I the only one that procrastinates starting a blog post, especially one with a lengthy topic and an outline, simply because I know it’s going to take hours to write, proof and publish?

I like to write, but sometimes even small posts end up being very long.. that’s not bad, but.. when I sit down to write, I know it’s a time commitment.. so.. I often avoid it in order to do other things.


3 thoughts on “Am I The Only One

  1. What’s an outline?


    1. Yeah words here I don’t know. Proof? Outline? hehe… oh wait my blog is mostly gone now.

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      1. Awe.
        I know I have written things late at night and re-read in the morning and just trashed it all. Mostly when I have a thought, I just let it sit in the back of my head, listen to music driving to work, then I take 15-20 minutes and just write it all out.


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