4M+ Liquid Gold

Today is an amazing Warcraft, GoldMaking milestone for me. After months of hovering around the 2M liquid gold mark, investments finally paid off, some markets got hot, and the gold started coming in. Patience I tell you..

It was a bit heart-wrenching watching my balance go up, then down, down, down because I would pick-up investments too good to pass up on the AH.. I knew I’d make money, a lot eventually, but putting out more money and tying it up in the bank didn’t make me super happy.. Of course as @TheGoldQueen says, “anything not in the AH is a liability”. It’s true. You never know what people will buy – but I promise they can’t buy what’s in your bank..

Of course there’s a lot of psychology, market conditions, risks involved.. but they almost always pay off. Kinda like real estate.. as long as you don’t over leverage!

As long as a couple sales still come through this week – I expect to make my 5M goal this week and Purchase the spider mount.. a goal I set for myself at the launch of Legion..

Thanks to @TheGoldQueen and the goldmaking community for the helps, tips, mentoring and positive support! This is just the beginning!WoW AH 4Million Liquid Gold Posty Vendida

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