Provide A Service – Part I

When I first started into #GoldMaking in World of Warcraft, I really didn’t understand the concept at all. Other than, pretty much any item I needed, and considered buying in the AH was far more costly than I’d ever consider paying – so I’d head back out to the fields to farm it myself, or gather the materials in hopes I could find a reasonable crafter willing to make/assemble something for tips.


As I’ve started learning, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my friend and Mentor @TheGoldQueen is that you need to “Provide a Service” or “Figure out what players want – start by figuring out what YOU want or need.

This advice might work better for some of you than for me – because – well.. I’m kind of a digital hoarder.. one too many times I’ve deleted, vendored, or sold an item only to find out sometime later that the next quest, the next holiday, or the next new Blizzard special thing needs that thing I once thought worthless or too low value to take up space in my bank.

I’ve never been in a very good position where I felt I could offer a service. I’ve tried to sell an Alani Mount run – but that’s a hassle getting people together. (I still have the item – so if you’re in need, let’s talk) I’ve considered selling Tank queues, but, that can get sticky. I’ve never really had a group I’m running with that was ready for carrying people in current content. I’ve always had toons available for signing guild charters, or pick up a little gold here and there taking people to collect flight points before they get flying, sell some pets, but none have really felt like my niche.

Hitchhike classic


So, what services can YOU provide in game? What can you do that no one else does? What do you LOVE to do that other people don’t? What do you need? That other people need too!?

I’d caution you to think ethically, and never participate in services people advertise which violate the ToS of the game, or involve real life money in exchange for in game services. But there are many options for in-game gold payment for services.

I could provide you a list – but The Gold Queen has several blog posts on the topic, so head over there.

I do have a service I’m currently trialing – and if it’s successful, that will be Part II of this series. If you have ideas of your own, or have had success with any of TGQ’s ideas, feel free to leave comments here to discuss!

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