Credits First…


Well, so it begins…

I’ve considered, re-considered, started, stopped, registered domains, let them lapse, written posts and not published them. Always waited to take that next step, and then changed my mind.

The Warcraft Community has dozens, rather hundreds of amazing content providers that cover any and all things Warcraft. So what could I possibly say, or add, in any other perspective that hasn’t already been typed, posted, streamed to death? Well.. we’ll see.

First, thanks to Lady Rosse for her beautiful commission of my character PostsemreH (Post-Sem-Rah) which is featured on the site header and this post. She does amazing work, and captured intricate detail of my armor and Artifact weapon appearances. She’s open for commissions if you’re looking for something drawn up!

Next, special thanks to my IRL Friends and Twitter friends. Especially those that encourage, engage, chat, tease, play along with and put up with my daily hi-jinks. Some are consistent positive supporters and influencers that make my daily interactions amazing. I’d list or name some, even those who pushed for me to finally publish here, but I know I’d miss someone.

So if you’re reading this – thank you! Thank you for being there, thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and encouraging, and thank you for any and all of your positive contributions to the Warcraft/Blizzard Community.

Let.. The.. Games.. Begin..


3 thoughts on “Credits First…

  1. Woooo. First

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  2. Ooh, where is my popcorn, this should be good… And fun.

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